Posted by: wwward at 05/25/2008, 09:58:18  Post Reply   Forum
Hello! Any chance you could modify the gallery with the fashions and vendors of the clothes where possible? Some of these are fantastic, but I'd like to know where to buy them and find trusted vendors. The links page is one place, but not always clear.

Your work is very enjoyable, thank you.


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  • Re: Clothing list and links to vendors for gallery pics? -- wwward Posted by: billy at 06/09/2008, 23:49:23  Post Reply Top Msg Forum
    First, thank you for compliments. And, second, for the idea. :) Actually Aurora did ask me for this, about a year or two ago, but I counted this as an extra advertisement for my online shop, which is quite stalled nowadays... (Yes, all lycra garments are (c) and a few latex ones were bought elsewhere.)

    So - if somebody else is interested (and, for instance, you are) - this might be an idea to follow. Will think about this again!

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