Posted by: Piotr lempica at 06/06/2008, 17:45:37  Post Reply   Forum
Hi Billy

it's been a while since we got in touch !

I wanted to show you what I did with Magie Noire :

Quite a difficulty to work on, but quite a super result...

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  • Re: back in touch -- Piotr lempica Posted by: billy at 06/09/2008, 23:45:25  Post Reply Top Msg Forum
    Hey, long time no see my friend. Glad to see you here!

    Your vid is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Soft, quiet, sharp performance, soft fabric and sharp light, lovely gentle and incredibly elegant performer... mmmmmmmmmm! Delicious.

    Naturally - the best application for a sheer black skinsuit.

    Bravo! Thank you for sharing!

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