24 Apr 2008: New Gallery - Color Whirl. Hold your head!
13 Apr 2008: New Gallery - Dark Waters. Dark shine of Latex from neck to toe.
6 Apr 2008: New Gallery - Empress' Village. Our lovely ladies in extremely thin and sensual Zentai suits wandering the lanes of this famous ensemble.
23 Mar 2008: New Gallery - Aurora on Her Own. Nude?!
15 Mar 2008: New Gallery - Mellow Yellow for Fellow Pantyhose Encasement Lovers!
3 Mar 2008: New Gallery - Espresso! Don't you feel the fragrance of strong coffee?
25 Feb 2008: New Gallery - Peach Beach. Thick and Soft Velvet. Mmmmmm.
17 Feb 2008: New Gallery - Dark Blue. I love the natural shine of latex under bright sun. Do you?
10 Feb 2008: New Gallery - Black and White Aurora walking through lush colors of Sharm-el-Sheikh gardens.
25 Jan 2008: New Gallery - Aqua. Lazy Aurora enjoying sun in the pool, totally covered in soft cyan Zentai.
19 Jan 2008: New Gallery - Good morning Chromakey! Keep it Green.
8 Jan 2008: New Gallery - Nightlife. Extreme Corset and Latex in extreme heat of Cyprus Club Street!
2 Jan 2008: Happy New Year! New Gallery - Choco. Zentai, foil, and Roofs of SPb again.
23 Dec 2007: New Gallery - Heat II. Cyprus nights are no less hot than mornings... especially in tights and latex!
9 Dec 2007: New Gallery - White and Blue: Sun and Sea. The two colors of Greek Flag.
1 Dec 2007: New Gallery - Heat. Aurora in tights and latex in the sand of Mediterranean beach.
10 Nov 2007: New Gallery - Fetish Shop! Chromakey invites Aurora to her workplace for some real FUN!
28 Oct 2007: New Gallery - Roofs of St.Petersburg. I can't say what is more bizarre: the new Chromakey's eyepopper skin, or the rooftop view of this legendary city...
20 Oct 2007: New Gallery - Abandoned Resort. Dark Night and Shiny Black Latex!
13 Oct 2007: New Gallery - Cats of Cyprus! Aurora in the most soft and sheer Zentai amongst Claws and Teeth :)
8 Oct 2007: New Gallery - Sea Nymph. Do you wish to be caught and tickled to death?!
30 Sep 2007: New Gallery - Liquid Lycra in the Sea. Chromakey's born to be wet!
15 Sep 2007: New Gallery - Liquid Lycra on Rocks. I love the wet look of Chromakey's thin black zentai!
7 Sep 2007: New Gallery - Ancient Castle. Aurora wandering an old fort encased in laced nylon.
19 Aug 2007: New Gallery - A Multilayer Doll. Aurora in a very special set!
28 Jul 2007: New Gallery - Exotica! Aurora on Moscow Annual Autoexotica Show.
10 Jul 2007: New Gallery - Gorky Park. Our Zentai trio is having lots of fun in the Central amusement park of Moscow.
4 Jul 2007: New Gallery - Blossom! Latex Aurora in Cherry Flowers.
24 Jun 2007: New Video - Candy Girl. A gamepad, a lollypop, and nylon layered Aurora.
13 Jun 2007: New Mega Gallery - Trio: Aurora, Chromakey, and Riane having Zentai fun on the coach!
6 Jun 2007: New Gallery - Silver Bubbles! Nice coloured latex suit and lots of bubbles - outdoors.
27 May 2007: New Gallery - Chewing Gum! :) Let's look at Aurora's yoga exercises when she's relaxing at home.
17 May 2007: New Gallery - Body Parts 2. Heavy Black Latex... Love.
2 May 2007: New Gallery - The Desert Rose. Our infamous Rose skinsuit in hot sands of Egypt.
24 Apr 2007: New Gallery - Body Parts. The Heavy Black Latex Game begins...
9 Apr 2007: New Gallery - Shiny Water Nymph of the Red Sea!
27 Mar 2007: New Gallery - Aqua Fun in White! Sun, Water, and Aurora in Tights!
17 Mar 2007: New Gallery - Golden Latex Island. Liquid gold dress in honey rays of sunset.
11 Mar 2007: New Gallery - Zentai Suntan II. Chocolate Aurora exploring the new territory.
5 Mar 2007: New Gallery - Latex Walker. Aurora wandering the streets of Hurghada in her yellow latex outfit.
28 Feb 2007: New Gallery - Zentai Suntan! Aurora is having a good rest in her tight chocolate skin.
1 Mar 2007: Dear friends! Thank you for waiting! The new payment processor have finished my setup. You can join the members area!
17 Sep 2006: New Gallery - Waiting for Sunrise. Silver Aurora on Italian Sands.
3 Sep 2006: New Gallery - Sea, Sun, Latex, and Nylon! Beautiful Aurora conquering the waves of Adriatic Sea!
28 Aug 2006: New Gallery - Zentai Tourist! Aurora wandering the ancient streets and squares of Rimini, Italy.
27 Aug 2006: We have problems with billing system again. The join page is unavailable. Will inform you once the issue is fixed. All the paid accounts are active. SORRY.
5 Aug 2006: New Gallery - Vivid Colours! See what happens when the weather is so convincing so Aurora neglects to get out of her crazy full-body three-layered fishnet suit, and goes out totally encased, with her books.
3 Aug 2006: New Gallery - Golden Figurine. Aurora covered with liquid gold stays motionless on her rotating podium.
25 Jul 2006: New Killer Gallery - Hey hey, I've saved the world today... Aurora and Morra - the Latex Flying Squad!
18 Jul 2006: New Gallery - Heavy Nylon Continued! Aurora shows you the way how to dress for a party. Multilayer of course!
10 Jul 2006: New Gallery - Riverside! The Modern Water Nymph Aurora having a stroll around Moscow Metro bridge.
1 Jul 2006: New Gallery - Snow and Tulips. Refresh yourself, recall the winter.
21 Jun 2006: New Gallery - Colours! Summer Mood with New Bright Latex.
12 Jun 2006: New Gallery - Black & White. Pretty abstract series with Aurora and Morra.
29 May 2006: New MEGA Gallery - Heavy Nylon EnCASEment! Guess how many layers are on? 222 Images!!!
20 May 2006: New Gallery - Aurora the Battle Cruiser: Aurora and her namesake! 85 Images.
14 May 2006: New Gallery - St. Petersburg: Aurora wandering the streets of our Northern Venice in her beautiful Velvet outfit. New Larger image format!
6 May 2006: New Gallery - The Cat's Outdoors Again! Beautiful Black Kitty in hot summer sun takes a walk in the historical Center of Moscow. 200 Images!!!
24 Apr 2006: New Gallery - Latex Berry! Little latex fish Aurora is having fun inside tight latex balloon.
17 Apr 2006: New Gallery - A Pictorial Park: Aurora and Charmed posing in front of a beautiful monastery.
9 Apr 2006: Second update today! New Gallery - Everyday Life of a Housewife :) It's Aurora's Kitchen, Baby. 164 photos!
9 Apr 2006: New Video - Melodie d'Amour: Lycra Layers Love...
26 Mar 2006: New Gallery - LycBed Adventures! Aurora plays with Catherine while pied between two tight lycra layers.
20 Mar 2006: New Gallery - Winter Heat: Latex Hotel Guide :) Aurora will show you all the corners of the territory.
20 Mar 2006: New Gallery - Winter Heat: Nylon Beach! Aurora showing her brown opaque pantyhose while swimming and sunbathing.
28 Feb 2006: New Gallery - Winter Heat: Skin Diving. The proper latex mermaid in Red Sea waves!
19 Feb 2006: New Gallery - Winter Heat: Morning in Red: a Day in Zentai.
11 Feb 2006: New Gallery - Winter Heat: Checkmate! Aurora the Latex Chess Player.
11 Feb 2006: We are back from Egypt! Took some hundred pictures that will be posted soon. Look for Winter Heat series and enjoy!!!
29 Jan 2006: New Gallery - Mannequin Lost and Found. Aurora's exceptional ability to stay motionless in any pose is shown well in this set. She has been completely stiff for almost 2 hours!
21 Jan 2006: New Gallery - Autumn Memories. Lovely golden times...
20 Jan 2006: Fixed a problem related to MSIE browser. Now it's working correctly with gallery pages. Sorry for inconvenience: not my fault.
15 Jan 2006: A facelift to the gallery script: added navigation buttons to the image viewer.
15 Jan 2006: New Gallery - The Butterfly.
6 Jan 2006: Aurora has posted some behind-the-scenes pics from the latest video. Come over and tell what do you think!
6 Jan 2006: New Video - Bizarre Christmas Tree. Aurora's encased in two zentai layers with flashing lamps within, standing motionless as Christmas tree!
2 Jan 2006: New Gallery - Latex Shibari. Aurora's encased from neck to toe in shiny latex, bound with jute ropes and beech cane and is hanging under ceiling... Happy New Year, bwahahaha! 135 Images.
25 Dec 2005: New Gallery - O sport, you are Beauty! Fitness outdoors, sewn completely into soft sheer pantyhose. 99 Pictures!
22 Dec 2005: New Gallery - Aurora's Vacation: Beautiful Latex Feet.
22 Dec 2005: The previous statement is definitely true now. We are accepting members! Welcome.
13 Dec 2005: It looks like we have solved our problem with the billing system. Join us!
13 Dec 2005: New Gallery - Aurora's Vacation: Latex Legs!
6 Nov 2005: Congratulations! Now you can enjoy different photos of incredible Aurora 12 months a year on your own desk! StylishFetish Calendar 2006 is available in the Modulus shop!
6 Nov 2005: New Video - Aurora's Vacation: Swimming in Pantyhose.
16 Oct 2005: New MEGA Gallery - Aurora's Vacation: Waterpark and Tights! 135 images!
9 Oct 2005: New Gallery - Aurora's Vacation: Latex Evening.
7 Oct 2005: Today is ten years since the date I've posted my first webpage on geocities. Congratulations! And a New Free Gallery - 10 Years Online!
5 Oct 2005: New link - LatexLair.com of Bianca Beauchamp.
4 Oct 2005: New Gallery - Rose on the Beach. See Aurora sunbathing and swimming in the tightest skinsuit in the world!
28 Sep 2005: FETISH PARTY NIGHT III will be held in Moscow on Oct 30! See the official page for details.
25 Sep 2005: New Gallery - Transparent Latex Mask.
25 Sep 2005: New payment processing system is up and running! There's no more problems to join.
15 Sep 2005: New link - Chapter9Photography.com
3 Sep 2005: I'm amazed how many attempts to crack the site is logged daily. We're definitely getting popular...
31 Aug 2005: New Video - Latex Walking Back and Forward :)
30 Aug 2005: New Video - The Very First Steps on Ballet Boots :)
29 Aug 2005: New link - rubberbound.com
23 Aug 2005: Yet another latex Gallery - Turtleneck and Ballet Boots.
30 Jul 2005: New delicious Gallery - Stylish and Shiny!
26 Jul 2005: New Gallery - Cat Walk, Part Three!
18 Jul 2005: New Gallery - Cat Walk, Part Two!
19 Jun 2005: New Gallery - Cat Walk! Old Moscow and young stunning Kitty :)
5 Jun 2005: New Gallery - Zentai Training.
16 Apr 2005: New Gallery - Hubble Bubble.
10 Apr 2005: Free Outtakes :) Fetish Cat!
9 Apr 2005: Temporary workaround for the join page is online. Thank you for patience.
8 Apr 2005: Problems with billing system. The join page is unavailable now :( Trying to work around this issue...
6 Apr 2005: New Gallery - Doll's Corner featuring Aurora's latex mask.
4 Apr 2005: Some Links added. Some well-known, some new for you?..
3 Apr 2005: Welcome to Aurora's Journal - the weblog of our wonderful model.
1 Apr 2005: New Gallery - Shiny!
31 Mar 2005: After extensive testing, dear viewers are finally able to join the memberzone. Welcome!
28 Mar 2005: New Gallery - Snow & Cat!
25 Mar 2005: Help needed in testing. Please take a look at my message in the Forum.
24 Mar 2005: Good oldies are online. Preparing new galleries.
23 Mar 2005: Sixteen old and two new videos uploaded. Photos are on the way.
16 Mar 2005: Uploading content!
3 Mar 2005: Checking the payment system. Does it work?
21 Feb 2005: Forum is online. Welcome and leave me a message!
20 Feb 2005: The site is being uploaded.

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